A Gift of God

A Gift of God

A-Gift-of-godBeing a woman is a boon in disguise. You get an ample amount of liberties as a woman which are enough to make these men envy J. From a seat in a public transport to the seats in the parliament, everything is reserved for women. The glamor, the suave, the attention, the aggression, all is for the women. But as they say, “Every coin has two sides”, this freedom of women is hampered by a lot many things in this society.

Actually it’s not about the outer world but the world within the women. They go through enormous conflicts within their little hearts. “To be or NOT to be? That is the question.” And the answer to this question is not an easy one to give! Any decision that a woman takes remains with her all through her life. A simple YES or a simple NO has a trail of meanings and judgments behind them. The choice of a woman as an individual is surrounded with innumerous assumptions. Assumptions, which lead to negativity, frustration and depression.

Well the most important decision that a modern woman lingers onto is the choice she has to make between her family and career. A great career is one thing that every woman deserves these days with the kind of knowledge and studies she has accomplished in her pre marital days. But sometimes a sudden pregnancy withdraws her attention to “what to do and what not to?” Well this dilemma is not an easy one to resolve. If you are also going through such hard times, my advice to you is not to talk about this with as many people as you meet. The first and the foremost person with whom you should be discussing the pros and cons of this situation is without any doubt, your partner. Sit, think, brood and then decide. No other person is eligible enough to take a decision on this matter for both of you. Neither you alone are!

“A life taking place inside you”, there is nothing beautiful than this feeling for a woman. This definitely means that you are the chosen one from that unknown but powerful entity. You are the root for that new life that is destined to be a part of this world. Unless and until you find that there is no possible way that you can raise this God’s gift or survive at all with this additional responsibility, NEVER think of playing with Nature.

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