Acceptance v/s Tolerance

Acceptance v/s Tolerance

Two words that appear almost daily in the practical called life. Well the two have supremely different  meanings, but humans mistake them as one. Our knowledge about where and when to demarcate Acceptance and Tolerance is vague. Our ideas regarding both terminologies backfires us most of the times and we end up in a bewildered state of MIND. This confusion persuades us to surmise our Tolerance as our Acceptance. And we do not understand that what has been accepted by us would never be as troublesome as Tolerance. The word Tolerance itself leaves us with a feeling of discomfort, whereas, Acceptance is the sense of Freedom.

Acceptance gladdens our hearts and lightens the ambience. After Acceptance we cannot take anything seriously, neither life nor death. Tolerance is a burden. When we tolerate even life appears like death.

Do not accept anything that tests your tolerance and do not tolerate what is not accepted. Words may be mine, wisdom must be yours.

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