“Andhadhun”- a blind murder mystery!

“Andhadhun”- a blind murder mystery!

Sriram Raghavan is known to make some fantastically sorted films and has hit the 70mm again with an amazing combination of musical- dramatic- mysterious venture that will glue you to your seat and you will, throughout the film, wonder, “what is going to happen next?”

Andhadhun is a perfect salad served with good music, great performances and an awesome screenplay. And why I call it a salad? Because inspite of being a thriller, it does not tend to get heavy on your head at all. It is light but captivating. The movie revolves around a BLIND man who accidentally gets involved in a murder, played by Ayushmann Khurrana. Ayushmann has established a niche for himself with his choices of role. Everytime he comes with an interesting character, different from his previous one. Though he plays an underdog in Andhadhun yet leaves us with the, “Hero wali feeling” in the end. Radhika Apte does not appear much on the screen post interval but her character has also been defined vividly and she does not misfit at all in the film. Anil Dhawan has a small yet strong presence too. Tabu is a perfect example of an actor who is beyond simplicity and is inexplicable. It has been years for her in this industry but she has not at all lost the innocence that makes her play any- any- any character with so much of ease.

What stayed with me for long was its crisp screenplay, no- nonsense plot and it’s newness that touches you like a cool breeze amidst all the chaos.

If Andhadhun has not fallen under your eyes due to its NOT so expansive promotional spree and if you have been all this week thinking that the weekend belongs to, “Loveyatri” then shake yourself, take my word and book the tickets for Andhadhun. You are not going to regret it!

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