Being 34!

Time is the only thing that constantly runs without turning back and brooding onto what has been changed! The clock has very precisely struck the 34th year of my life. The journey has been a snakes and ladder game, full of ups and downs, sometimes bitten by the poison and sometimes elevated to make my way through the most wonderful times. I graciously accept and pay my gratitude to every moment and person for that matter, who has made me what I am.

Last three years of my cruising on the board game were a major setback because of an emotional jig saw. The years went on solving the puzzle, which I do not announce to have successfully solved, but has helped me to find the major goals of my journey in the year 2019.

SO this year there are certain things that I decide to do:-

  • Turning a vegetarian- Sounds difficult but I wish to glide to this transformation by the end of the year. The beginning has been initiated and has been good so far. I do not wish to be harsh on the task but would step into the metamorphosis with ease. Better wish me luck and do comment below from what category you belong?
  • Meditation- Meditation has been a part of my life on and off. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I over do it and sometimes there is a major smash. From this year onwards I wish to make it a part of my daily routine. Inner peace is the only pillar that can keep us away from the chaotic outer self. Why not become a meditation yourself?
  • Getting away from everything toxic- can be people, situations, lifestyle or even social media for this matter. Anything that has the power to intoxicate me making me unproductive and infertile needs to be eliminated from around. Creativity is a paramount intent from 2019.
  • Minimalism- Well it is a vast subject that requires knowledge and I am trying to learn everyday. From this year I plan to become somebody who does not waste, uses all the resources around and do not jump into any plash without measuring the pros and cons of that particular thing. The definition differs from person to person. For me Minimalism is-having everything around that gives me comfort and is of 100% utility and not accommodating anything passive and submissive.
  • Youtubing- Many of you must be aware about Tarotyogi my Youtube channel. This year I desire to make it a bigger platform and am also gearing up for turning another dream into reality- Zindagidrama films. This channel would showcase other aspects of my life. Have to mention my inspiration here- Saloni Srivastava.
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  1. Ankita gupta says:

    You are wonderful with your words!!! Keep writing and keep enjoying!!! Age is just a number

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