Building a home is a task for humans and so for the little chirping and twittering birdies. A nest requires their hard work, dedication, their punctuality and their love which they render inside their hearts while making these dwellings. I got lucky with these clicks where an Ashy Prinia is busy knitting here home-sweet-home. Enjoy! t

These Kingfishers are truly Nature’s gift! Their long beak, colorful feathers are a beauty to behold. I got a chance to click the White-Breasted Kingfisher and the Pied Kingfisher. Both had a charm and niche of their own and remarkably appealed to my camera. The pictures are really close to my heart. Though I wished to click some more of […]


Quacking with the Ducks

God has been kind enough to create some wonderful creatures that are not just beautiful but to see them in their natural best is a treat for the human kind! And these white colored ducks are no exceptions. Their simplicity gives me a feeling of a naïve dame, who is completely unaware about how does she look and how much […]

Reflective photographs in my collection of clicks. And let me state it loud that the reflection is much more

3rd prize winner in Mount Abu winter festival photography competition-2012 I enjoy walking along with my camera. The focus is always to capture something that has the ability to ooze out the natural phenomena. Nature attracts my camera. This photograph is a very instinctive click and did not demand any planning from my side. It just happened and I guess, […]


“Natural”, the word says it all, when it comes on explaining the Beauty of anything. Got a chance to click a beautiful bird “Painted Stork” few days back. The Natural beauty that mesmerized my DSLR. Amazing shades of orange, pink and black with a white background got me engaged with the bird for a much longer time. And I realized […]