After a year’s long planning and confusion (to be or not to be), we sat out on our journey to Goa from Vadodara. One insane man, a nagging wife and 2 pure souls (pure till now; as one is 7 and one 8 months old). All of us sat in Datsun Go+ to accomplish a 2 days long journey. I […]

A mistake becomes a blunder if it is not corrected at the right time, with the right motive. If you had read my last article, it was a complaint box for one of the most famous food chain by the star chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, “The Yellow Chilli” (Vadodara). And yes, as a food lover and a fair admirer of Sanjeev […]

The bigger the name the smaller the experience. That’s what happened with us in the renowned outlet (probably a franchisee) of a renowned chef, whose name is enough to attract the food lovers. Sanjeev Kapoor’s “The Yellow Chilli” has been a trademark for feeding the janta with its paisa vasool  yum food that is perfect to kill the hunger of […]

Live to eat!

Recently got a chance to feed our stomachs with some awesome food that was tasty, cheap and hygienic. If you are driving along the Vadodara-Dabhoi