After a good night sleep in Chiplun- it was time for another day’s journey. The destination was yet far away but the moods were all set to travel. Distance from Chiplun to Goa is 340 KM via NH66. With a rainy morning, we left for Goa at 9:30 am on 19th August’16, with few small waterfalls here and there and […]

After a year’s long planning and confusion (to be or not to be), we sat out on our journey to Goa from Vadodara. One insane man, a nagging wife and 2 pure souls (pure till now; as one is 7 and one 8 months old). All of us sat in Datsun Go+ to accomplish a 2 days long journey. I […]

Have you ever observed these two winged insects? So colorful, full of life and so much into themselves. When I see them I feel like discarding Darwin’s theory, “Survival of the fittest”. They are so lovable that they cannot be hurt by anybody. They are the free souls that fly spreading the beautiful colors into our eyes- the colors of […]

Doesn’t this sound familiar? A boring husband!! Aren’t many of us surviving with husbands who are more into their gadgets and less into the word ROMANCE? Well, Yes! During six years of my marriage I gradually discovered that my cupboards and crockery are more colorful and lively than Mr. Husband. Why is that so? The answer is simple, most of […]

Education these days is not a liability. It is a part of life. Schools have transformed themselves into a play world for kids and yes this has helped the modern children to love studying, playing, exploring and going to school, EVERYDAY. An all round development and an environment that is amicable is what we look for our children and Cygnus […]

Look Around!

Life is a beautiful journey that has to be constantly moving without a failure. You laugh-cry-fall-get

Live to eat!

Recently got a chance to feed our stomachs with some awesome food that was tasty, cheap and hygienic. If you are driving along the Vadodara-Dabhoi