Two is Company

Friend, partner, guide, companion, love! Name whatever you want to! But isn’t it true that we are safer, happier, smarter, when we are with that one person who means more than the world to us? Ofcourse! And if we can feel this then why can’t these speechless species. I had a chance to click few such friendships. Can you see […]

Have you ever observed these two winged insects? So colorful, full of life and so much into themselves. When I see them I feel like discarding Darwin’s theory, “Survival of the fittest”. They are so lovable that they cannot be hurt by anybody. They are the free souls that fly spreading the beautiful colors into our eyes- the colors of […]

Wild is Beautiful

  A recent encounter with wildlife persuaded me to applaud the ignorance of these non- human species. How beautifully they pose for a non recognizable entity i.e. camera! No matter what their appearance is, they always compliment the frames of a photographer. Sunday, Tejas Soni, a mentor from Canon held a photo walk at Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar. In a […]

How catty!

“How catty” here does not project a woman’s nature. But the two cat siblings I got to capture through my camera recently. These two baby cats grabbed my attention last Sunday morning. They had a distinctively thin voice but their eyes scarred me as mine was an ungentlemanly clicked (without their permission). But soon they got into the comfort zone […]

Building a home is a task for humans and so for the little chirping and twittering birdies. A nest requires their hard work, dedication, their punctuality and their love which they render inside their hearts while making these dwellings. I got lucky with these clicks where an Ashy Prinia is busy knitting here home-sweet-home. Enjoy! t

These Kingfishers are truly Nature’s gift! Their long beak, colorful feathers are a beauty to behold. I got a chance to click the White-Breasted Kingfisher and the Pied Kingfisher. Both had a charm and niche of their own and remarkably appealed to my camera. The pictures are really close to my heart. Though I wished to click some more of […]

Kala Bandar-Langur

They are our ancestors. We were like them and they are somewhat like us! Monkeys- that’s what I got to click few days back! Their emotions were same as us. The love, the anger, the surprise- these pictures deliver are so human. A serious affair, shooting, gives you many opportunities where you come across the magic of Nature. Hope you […]

The Crocodile

Arent’t they scary?? I wonder why Lacoste had kept this logo for the Brand Name? look at the forceful eyes. Even the camera was trembling with

Reflective photographs in my collection of clicks. And let me state it loud that the reflection is much more