Foodistan- The Yellow Chilli

Foodistan- The Yellow Chilli

The-Yellow-ChilliThe bigger the name the smaller the experience. That’s what happened with us in the renowned outlet (probably a franchisee) of a renowned chef, whose name is enough to attract the food lovers. Sanjeev Kapoor’s “The Yellow Chilli” has been a trademark for feeding the janta with its paisa vasool  yum food that is perfect to kill the hunger of our most important organ- the stomach. But when a name like Sanjeev Kapoor is associated with the brand then your expectations are bound to touch the sky.

Well to caress the tummy with the recipes created or proposed by no one else but Sanjeev Kapoor, in itself, is a treat. But as they say, “to become the face of the crowd you need to be simply extraordinary”. Sadly The Yellow Chilli (Vadodara), has failed to capture the nerve of the foody city.

We ordered, “Paneer Takatak”, which was supposed to be high on spice but turned out to be milder beyond our expectation. Another dish which was kept on our table was “Makkhan Malai Kofta” (sweet), which was a sea of curry with small Kofta fish that vanished with a blink of an eye, leaving the sea empty.

Also got to see a full force drama, when a family waited for their order for more than half an hour and had to leave without even seeing a single dish on their table. All in all The Yellow Chilli needs to add in a little more tadka to its hospitality to come up brightly.


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