How to Deal with a BORING Husband???

How to Deal with a BORING Husband???

Doesn’t this sound familiar? A boring husband!! Aren’t many of us surviving with husbands who are more into their gadgets and less into the word ROMANCE? Well, Yes! During six years of my marriage I gradually discovered that my cupboards and crockery are more colorful and lively than Mr. Husband. Why is that so? The answer is simple, most of the time our hubbies celebrate their being in the offices. When they come home they are so drained out that they just want to eat, sleep and many a times go back to their offices’ pending work. On Sundays they want to lie down or probably dig into the idiot boxes, flip- flopping the useless channels- ending their search on CID.

My husband’s scariest line that takes the life out of his body is when I say, “Let’s talk!” My determination to talk with him once in a while hurts him deep inside and the only thing we end up is keeping quiet. Obviously because he doesn’t want to talk.

Initially it was a difficult task to adjust with a man who has the art of being as quiet as a candle- stationery, not moving but burning deep down inside. Luckily with the course of time I learnt the skill to manage my household life, making it livelier and keeping myself away from pessimism. I made sure to enjoy the company of my husband inspite of him being BORING. And trust me it’s all in your hands women with just few simple steps.

ACCEPT- The more early and easily you accept that they are boring the easier it becomes to tackle the situation. The more you will resist and crib about him being dull and tedious, the more you will lose onto him. What’s the fun in changing your partner’s basic nature and then loving him? Love him the way he is and love yourself the way you are! If he is quiet- you keep on talking. If he is boring- you be interesting. If he doesn’t say that he loves you- you keep on saying the three magical words.

ADMIRE- Women usually end up talking dull and sad things about the husbands with their best friends. For me it is a big NO NO! Instead of talking negative try and find out the positive aspects of your partner. Flaunt them lavishly whenever you and your friends are discussing the most talked topic “Mera Pati”…. Why just in front of friends? Admire him when he is around. No matter how expressionless your guy is, he will love your admiration and return it to you sooner or later.

Last but not the least

DON’T’ BE MISS. J- Jealousy is the spring of problems- mental, physical or emotional. If one of your darling friend has a husband who is no less than a hero- praising his wife in public, holding her hand, kissing her, singing for her and making her feel like a princess- just don’t be jealous and go on comparing yours and hers man. Any sort of comparison will ruin it all for both of you. Be content and happy with what you have! Because even the bestest of heroes will be getting the vibes from their wives.

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