How to stick to your Resolution-2019!

How to stick to your Resolution-2019!

A New Year for me always begins with new hopes and the assiduity to stick to my resolutions that I make during the end of the bypassing year. And this time, it is no different. I am sure most of us decide certain things at the beginning of the year but end up discontinuing them by the first two months itself. Thrusting yourself for performing something new is a hard task and sometimes tests our willpower that collapses effortlessly,leaving behind the traces of our planning and promises.

A resolution for me should consist of two elements majorly that motivate us to move forward with it, releasing the discomforts of breaking our cocoon.

  1. Realism- That is the first rule. Goals can get crushed easily under the pressure of being unrealistic. An unrealistic goal is not only difficult to achieve but can also me a subject to weak foundation that can easily crumple. Whenever you sit to make an idea, consider it to be achievable and pragmatic.

P.S. – This should not terminate you from dreaming BIG and working onto achieving something that seems to be impossible.

2. Sense of ownership- When you buy a commodity (that is precious to you in every possible meaning), you want to preserve it for the longest time. You handle it with care, do not allow others to touch it and cherish it with lots of love and sometimes even hide it.Why? Because you want it to belong to you forever and ever. This sensibility and sensitiveness should become the part of your resolutions too. When you nurture your resolutions with the sense of ownership (as they belong to you),you will never shed them away half way through. They will stay and gradually will become a part of your life.

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