Kalank!- Sab theek thaak hai??

Kalank!- Sab theek thaak hai??

A hyper melodramatic, huge canvas that has been created to scoop out the loudest emotions from your mind and heart that is kalank for you. A twirling tail caresses many plots within itself each dealt with sensitivity and of course- luxury.  Kalank is a story that showcases the most wanted desire of human heart i.e. “being loved”. Everybody in this world wants to be loved by someone- beloved, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, community,religion, God and to what extent they can go to achieve this zenith from where everything seems amazing and out of the world. This thought serves the basis of the multi starrer movie.

Too much of precision and detailing sometimes ruin the final result, this is what has happened with the screenplay of Kalank. The background and lavishness of the film has been kept so much in mind by the makers that the story gets hampered at places. Though some lines are good enough but fail to create that ticklish that can make a movie outstanding.

The only scene between Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt could have been the TRP of the film but Abhishek Verman again does not live upto the expectations of the audience. Varun Dhawan excels as Zafar. Alia Bhatt in Kalank is called as Roop and looks amazingly beautiful through out the film. Though I could not relate her character  with her costumes. Sonakshi Sinha appears on and off on the screen with a strange pair of lips, (do tell me in the comments if you felt the same while watching Sinha in kalank). Aditya Roy Kapoor looks smashing as always and is a delight to be watched.

All in all Kalank deserves one time watch because of its Production House and star cast, “baki sab first class toh nahi hai par chalega”, if you are someone who always compromises with the Bollywood stereotype.

For me the thought of the movie has been more gluey than the movie Kalank itself.

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