Love, Laugh, Live & Nosh Farmaiye

Love, Laugh, Live & Nosh Farmaiye

Eating out sometimes becomes such a cumbersome act that many people end up visiting the same restaurant again and again, eating the same stuff (because they do not want to experiment with their taste buds). The complications associated with food and taste have been a part and parcel of this life. But do we in any case completely stop eating out? No, I guess! And we have been lucky of not having too many bad experiences of eating out.
So this Sunday’s laziness of not cooking at home and our huge hunger took us to this place called, “Nosh Farmayiye”. Now with the name of the restaurant you might go into the Mughal era, with everything extravagant, artistic and beautiful all around. But the place has a very basic interior which does not attract your attention. But what attracted us the most this evening, was the “Tandoori Chicken” that we ordered along with Fresh Lime Soda.

The chicken was tender, mouth melting and did not have too much fancy and frenzy with it. A very basic recipe that Nosh farmayiye should serve with pride to whosoever orders it. Added bonus was this very contemporary way of serving condiments, (Chutney, achar, pahadi raita etc..).

As a mother of two – any restaurant that accomplishes my child’s need without making any fuzz, is the best place to eat for me. And when we asked for boiled eggs for the 2 years old, they quickly said yes without giving a second thought to it.
Another thing that we ordered was “Dal Lehsuni” with “Jeera Rice”. Though after eating an amazing non- veg dish- the veg might get side lined on the table. But would love to mention that the dal was also tasty. What could have made it a proper and complete meal – would have been a better quality RICE.

But all’s well that ends well. We had a good evening spent!

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