Manas Turns 10!

Manas Turns 10!

21st August 2009, was the day when I was reborn for the first time, in the same birth. Trust me there was no dying of any sort,just the pain that leads you into the world of mystery. Mystery- how a new life comes in this world, through you!! And how beautifully, a woman cherishes this memory throughout her life.

The most engaging habit of Manu was that he was always very obedient. Since the day he was born! That may sound a bit of an exaggeration to you, but the fact is as accurate as the Earth, Sun and the Moon. He never trespassed my instructions as a young child, (now he does at times) and always made sure to abide to what we told him. My freshman motherhood was never in bad terms with me, due to this extraordinary child.

An incident that I frequently recall is when he was six and I had told him not to eat his supper as he had not studied the whole day, inspite of me rigorously telling him to do so. At around 10:30 in night, I told Shailendra to go to his room and feed him some food, which Manu conveniently rejected and told his father, he cannot eat as he had been punished by MA.

Yes! He calls me MA, the first word he spoke in his infancy. Although I am a BIG fan of Hindi cineMA but never imagined that my child should call me, by this emotion. But he did, may be due to the bonding we generated when he was in my womb.Today when he turns 10, my Pandora is already filled with his alluring recollections and there are so many more, waiting to barge inside my cerebrum, in the coming years. I love him to the moon and back!Happy Birthday Chuzu!


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