Does respect for woman can only be attained through  #MeToo?

Does respect for woman can only be attained through #MeToo?

Society has been an inlay of sexual misconduct, from many centuries now. Though it took a long time but India has now confronted with #MeToo moment that has become the talk of the town. Many “under the wrap” names have popped out either as the victims or as the predators. Not only the film/media industry but almost every platform that ensembles a mix of genders somewhere or the other witnesses such stories that hamper the self confidence and dignity of a woman. It becomes a mandatory act for a so called “gentleman” to try his hands on every woman he meets, as anyone of them may become his prospect sexual benefiter. Now this extends to force and rapes too.  Times were like that and have become worse.

It is the biggest tragedy of the society that if a woman wants to raise her voice against the filthy experiences of her life, it has to be marked under a “MOVEMENT” like this. Why aren’t we free to speak THEN and THERE? Why can’t we shut the dirt THEN and THERE? What is so scary about, “speaking up” and “”Standing- up” against somebody who has forgotten the decorum of conduct and used a woman like toilet paper?

The worst part is that when a woman gathers courage and becomes fearless to talk about a grimy experience after years, she is demoralized and attacked by names. Her intention is doubted. Her character is ripped. Her esteem is doomed.

Today when we talk about how women have been progressing in all the levels of life there is still a lot to be done and learnt by us. Forget about man and woman- protecting the mankind should be our basic nature.

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