Recycling/ Zero Waste: Gratitude for what Mother Nature has given

Recycling/ Zero Waste: Gratitude for what Mother Nature has given

People in this world are filled with weird ideas. This can go from clicking a selfie from the highest point on the stake of your life to something liking RECYCLING. What? Recycling? Did I call “Recycling” weird?? Ask yourself! How many of us do actually think of doing it before buying a thing as petty as a polythene bag? I know this does not sound easy! In this life of running errands for making money, who has time to even think about Environment?

But there are few people who live for this environment and are doing their little bit to save the suavity of Nature. And one from such lead I met recently! Ekta Doctor can truly be an inspiration to many of us for the good deed she is doing for environment. Ekta has been perfectly upcycling the discarded items from our day to day lives. The things that we probably do not hesitate to throw away- very politely sit at @wonkyworks, the workplace from where Ekta Doctor initiates her recycling structure. A small set up – all fixed with scrap-looks so gorgeous that you would love to hang out here anytime. Ekta in her life has subtly chosen to move on the path that is “for the environment, by the environment and to the environment.” She has been a constant believer in leading a hazard free life filled with productivity, nature and no waste policy. I got a chance to meet her when I was looking for some organization that could help me take away all my waste plastic, glass and other unwanted stuff. The idea was to make my living space breathable.

@wonkyworks beautifully upcycles the wastes and turns them into something new, creative, appealing and worthwhile. Not only waste glass bottles, plastic, cardboard boxes but also old stationary, clothes, furniture, books, magazines and each and everything that is lying around you uselessly. What I loved the most about this place is obviously its uniqueness and Ekta’s love and care for her team members. This all women squad has been leading this venture without any qualms and being deeply dedicated for their work.

Nature gives us so much, why not be a little responsible and nurture this planet with a beautiful and pollution free environment. So if you are in Vadodara and are surrounded by things that can be put to a better use do contact @wonkyworks . And if you do not reside in this city then also take some pain to find a similar platform that could make this planet a better place to live in for future generations.

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