Ala re ala “Simmba” ala!- Movie Review

Ala re ala “Simmba” ala!- Movie Review

A Rohit Shetty film, a set formula, an enthusiastic and tiger like police wala, a dangerous villain with two brat brothers, some pretty faces, women empowerment and MAAAAAA ka angle, do you think anything can go wrong with this formula? Simmba is an out and out family entertainer – if you believe in this kind of cinema. And it definitely seems that Karan Johar is on the spree of earning more money, because he is associated with every film as a producer, he sees potential in. Win, Win situation always!

This is the first Ranveer movie that I had watched in a cinema theater and thankfully turned out to be a nice experience for me. I did not want to leave the theater at any point of time. Though there were few moments where I felt, “how filmy!” But that is Rohit Shetty for you.

The actors have been good with their parts. Ashutosh Rana could have avoided the role as we are used to seeing him in bigger and more important scenarios in movies. Sara Ali Khan does not have much to do in the film;she comes and goes with a blink every time.  (I have not watched “Kedarnath” so do comment below how did you find her in that movie).  For me “Simmba” with be only and only a Ranveer Singh movie and his character has successfully dominated the script, except during the entry of Ajay Devgan’s cameo.

With the end Shetty has also left the audience with the hint of his next film , “Sooryavanshi”, which gave me a hope that T.V. viewer might have a relief from Amitabh’s, “Sooryavansham” in the coming years, :).

Meanwhile, Simmba can be a good watch this weekend!

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