Sui Dhaaga- a sewing tale

Sui Dhaaga- a sewing tale

Cinema these days has changed immensely mainly because the stories are so connectable and common man’s life like that somewhere – someone -do realizes that “THIS” has happened in my life at some point of time. One more wonderful thing about the present day films is that each character seems to be well fitted and appropriate for the part he/she plays.

“Sui Dhaaga” has been stitched with a great amount of love and passion. A simple film embroidered with simple people and the mandatory parcel of their lives i.e. struggle. Everybody has his own share of problems, perceptions and logics. No two people can think alike– not even in the same home!

Sui Dhaaga depicts the vulnerability of society, in a light hearted manner.  Though few things feel unimaginable and unrealistic (especially the cobbler chacha in the fashion show), but that’s how the hindi films are. Everything here is decorative, beautified and upgraded. Music is good but does not carry the movie too far!

Varun Dhawan as Mauji and Anushka Sharma as Mamta look convincing. Varun Dhawan without any doubt is an hard working actor, Anushka also recites the role of Mamta easily. Rests of the characters have also been true with their parts. But the cutest in the film is Amma. The character portrays the true self of Indian village woman, especially through the dialogues. She stayed with me for hours even after Dhaaga was over. She looked familiar and a part of my mom’s anecdotes from her childhood.

Sui Dhaaga is a film that cannot be ignored this weekend!

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