Bright & Beautiful

Flowers make me smile. Flowers make me mesmerized. Flowers make me feel happy. And isn’t this true in your case too? Flowers have the magic to charm all of us. Got a chance to click some of these beauties, and let me tell you it was a treat. Being in between the cluster of flowers gives you a feeling that […]

3rd prize winner in Mount Abu winter festival photography competition-2012 I enjoy walking along with my camera. The focus is always to capture something that has the ability to ooze out the natural phenomena. Nature attracts my camera. This photograph is a very instinctive click and did not demand any planning from my side. It just happened and I guess, […]

Behold the Beauty

Call it by any name, a Rose will remain a Rose. Shakespeare’s line, definitely justify the beauty of this wonderful flower. A mesmerizing fragrance and the beauty that cannot be forgotten easily,


“Natural”, the word says it all, when it comes on explaining the Beauty of anything. Got a chance to click a beautiful bird “Painted Stork” few days back. The Natural beauty that mesmerized my DSLR. Amazing shades of orange, pink and black with a white background got me engaged with the bird for a much longer time. And I realized […]


Camera has made me see many sides of life.  The sides which have different shades and colors. Some joyful, some sad, some serious & some light hearted.

Life is a Mystery!

There is always a longing, a desire, a wish to have more. That ‘Something’ that is missing.