After a good night sleep in Chiplun- it was time for another day’s journey. The destination was yet far away but the moods were all set to travel. Distance from Chiplun to Goa is 340 KM via NH66. With a rainy morning, we left for Goa at 9:30 am on 19th August’16, with few small waterfalls here and there and […]

A mistake becomes a blunder if it is not corrected at the right time, with the right motive. If you had read my last article, it was a complaint box for one of the most famous food chain by the star chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, “The Yellow Chilli” (Vadodara). And yes, as a food lover and a fair admirer of Sanjeev […]

The bigger the name the smaller the experience. That’s what happened with us in the renowned outlet (probably a franchisee) of a renowned chef, whose name is enough to attract the food lovers. Sanjeev Kapoor’s “The Yellow Chilli” has been a trademark for feeding the janta with its paisa vasool  yum food that is perfect to kill the hunger of […]

Live to eat!

Recently got a chance to feed our stomachs with some awesome food that was tasty, cheap and hygienic. If you are driving along the Vadodara-Dabhoi