Kala Bandar-Langur

They are our ancestors. We were like them and they are somewhat like us! Monkeys- that’s what I got to click few days back! Their emotions were same as us. The love, the anger, the surprise- these pictures deliver are so human. A serious affair, shooting, gives you many opportunities where you come across the magic of Nature. Hope you […]

Behold the Beauty

Call it by any name, a Rose will remain a Rose. Shakespeare’s line, definitely justify the beauty of this wonderful flower. A mesmerizing fragrance and the beauty that cannot be forgotten easily,


“Natural”, the word says it all, when it comes on explaining the Beauty of anything. Got a chance to click a beautiful bird “Painted Stork” few days back. The Natural beauty that mesmerized my DSLR. Amazing shades of orange, pink and black with a white background got me engaged with the bird for a much longer time. And I realized […]


Camera has made me see many sides of life.  The sides which have different shades and colors. Some joyful, some sad, some serious & some light hearted.

Life is a Mystery!

There is always a longing, a desire, a wish to have more. That ‘Something’ that is missing.