Wild is Beautiful

  A recent encounter with wildlife persuaded me to applaud the ignorance of these non- human species. How beautifully they pose for a non recognizable entity i.e. camera! No matter what their appearance is, they always compliment the frames of a photographer. Sunday, Tejas Soni, a mentor from Canon held a photo walk at Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar. In a […]


It’s raining in Vadodara! The water dropping from the big blue umbrella has drenched the city, completely. But the 2 days long continuous rain gave my camera some interesting shots which I would cherish the whole year, till the next rainy season comes. Hope you will enjoy the photographs!      

How catty!

“How catty” here does not project a woman’s nature. But the two cat siblings I got to capture through my camera recently. These two baby cats grabbed my attention last Sunday morning. They had a distinctively thin voice but their eyes scarred me as mine was an ungentlemanly clicked (without their permission). But soon they got into the comfort zone […]

Building a home is a task for humans and so for the little chirping and twittering birdies. A nest requires their hard work, dedication, their punctuality and their love which they render inside their hearts while making these dwellings. I got lucky with these clicks where an Ashy Prinia is busy knitting here home-sweet-home. Enjoy! t

Click Click Click !

What a pleasure it is to hold the camera- peep into the little glass and click a moment that gets captured with u forever. And when you look at them later you relive those


Quacking with the Ducks

God has been kind enough to create some wonderful creatures that are not just beautiful but to see them in their natural best is a treat for the human kind! And these white colored ducks are no exceptions. Their simplicity gives me a feeling of a naïve dame, who is completely unaware about how does she look and how much […]

Life without Camera

This will be something similar to Sun without light, sleep without dreams, Rainbow without colors or a body without soul. Camera becomes

A Little Go-Getter!

There are people who have no complaints. Saw a little girl who wanted a fruit, that was a bit uneasy for her to pluck. But she wanted it and

Reflective photographs in my collection of clicks. And let me state it loud that the reflection is much more