Wild is Beautiful

  A recent encounter with wildlife persuaded me to applaud the ignorance of these non- human species. How beautifully they pose for a non recognizable entity i.e. camera! No matter what their appearance is, they always compliment the frames of a photographer. Sunday, Tejas Soni, a mentor from Canon held a photo walk at Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar. In a […]

Reflective photographs in my collection of clicks. And let me state it loud that the reflection is much more

3rd prize winner in Mount Abu winter festival photography competition-2012 I enjoy walking along with my camera. The focus is always to capture something that has the ability to ooze out the natural phenomena. Nature attracts my camera. This photograph is a very instinctive click and did not demand any planning from my side. It just happened and I guess, […]


“Natural”, the word says it all, when it comes on explaining the Beauty of anything. Got a chance to click a beautiful bird “Painted Stork” few days back. The Natural beauty that mesmerized my DSLR. Amazing shades of orange, pink and black with a white background got me engaged with the bird for a much longer time. And I realized […]

The Unusual Earth

This earth is an unusual place. Every nook and corner of this ‘Ball’ breathes with life. The Nature is full of activities but we miss to experience it. The two eyes might miss them all the time but my ‘Third Eye’ (Nikon D3000) craves for such sights madly. Here are few moments that have uplifted my insight and views about […]