Did book a ride on the Helicopter?? – Review- Helicopter Eela

Did book a ride on the Helicopter?? – Review- Helicopter Eela

Bombarded with countless cameos and special appearances, “Helicopter Eela” is basically a story of a single mother and her son played by Kajol and Riddhi Sen respectively. An exaggeration of a common man’s life, Helicopter seems indigestible at many stages but makes you feel good about life while you watch it. Pradeep Sarkar has definitely worked on better scripts than this. It is a soothing script that will make you cry. Unfortunately it goes beyond reality and does not leave an impactful message that has been tried to convey.

Kajol looks gorgeous in the film and Riddhi Sen is promising, though he lacks the “Herowali baat”. The film somehow typecasts him as a theatre artist rather than a hardcore commercial movie star. Helicopter Eela could have been a complex portrayal but thankfully has been made with light heartedness, without any melodrama.

Helicopter witnesses more landings than take offs, script wise, yet a good team put together has fabricated the movie in a lively manner that is a pleasant watch, special if you have a growing son!

What stayed with me after the ride was the song, “Yaadon ki Almari”.

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