The Yellow Chilli- Food Redefined

The Yellow Chilli- Food Redefined

The-Yellow-Chilli-food-redefinedA mistake becomes a blunder if it is not corrected at the right time, with the right motive. If you had read my last article, it was a complaint box for one of the most famous food chain by the star chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, “The Yellow Chilli” (Vadodara). And yes, as a food lover and a fair admirer of Sanjeev kapoor’s recipes the experience was not up to the mark that day.

When any big name would have easily ignored the article, TYC decided to trace my number from their database and give me a call back to acknowledge the matter, as soon as the article ran through their eyes.

Well a sweet looking team member, Ajaz very patiently explained me that how the mess was created that day. And as a sweet gesture of his hospitality, invited me to have another meal with them, which I ofcourse accepted it.

The menu was pre-decided by Ajaz. He chose the dishes which not only tasted good but their taste will remain with me for a long time. Especially the soup- Nimbu Dhania. The tartness of lemon and the freshness of coriander was a perfect combination that gave me a wiggle and a soothing touch to my tummy. The starters, “Karara Subz Roll”, “Hare Masale ka Bhuna Paneer”, “Lasooni Dhania Murgh”, tasted good. But if I need to rate any one of them on a higher ladder it will be, “Lasooni Dhania Murgh”. It was a mild recipe, but the chicken was cooked incomparably. The tenderness of the chicken, gave it a melt in the mouth leaving all the added flavors behind. The main course was served with “Kurcha Saag Murgh” and “Cheese Naan”. Well where the non-veg dish was mouth watering and delicious, I wish the cheese naan could have some more cheese in it.

Last but not the least, “Gulab-e-Gulkand” came up as a bomb of sweetness. It was high on its sweetness and calorie quotient. But if you love sweet then it is the best END for your dinner at The Yellow Chilli.

It was excellent to not only eat good food but was great to see happy faces around. A birthday party was hosted with all love and care by TYC and the guests also had a lovely time dining in a great environment.

All in all TYC gave me the chance to change my opinion for them and made sure that I will go again to eat the wonderful food, whenever I will have the chance. Well, this is called “redefining the food”.





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