“Zero” ka Hero v/s Hero ka “Zero”- Movie Review

The major conflict that our Hindi Film Industry is facing in the present times is its inability to understand that a film can have plots and sub- plots, but they should have some resemblance so that the audience could connect with what they are watching. Zero is a disastrous conflict between its first and second half.

Where I found the first half of Zero to be incredibly stupendous and awesome, the second half was equally dragging, unfair, gruesome and even dreadful.

I have never been a Shahrukh Khan fan but I must admit that in the first half I did not see the SUPERSTAR (unlike all his films) but an actor who felt each and every nerve of the character and played it with complete dedication. And that’s why I call the first half wala SRK, “Zero ka Hero”.
As they say, when you expect the most -you are determined to get the least. And similar was the case with the second half where Shahrukh Khan became the SUPERSTAR he is. The character was lost, the emotions gone and he very obviously began to pay the star he is, and this is when he became, “Hero hua Zero”.

Katrina Kaif here deserves a special mention as she adorably plays Babita, the film star. Her hard work to outshine in Zero is remarkable and yes she has succeeded too, without any effort. Anushka Sharma did justice with what the story demanded. Second half is clearly not her fault. She did what she was told to do. Mohammad Zeeshan good, as usual. Tigmanshu Dhulia had shorter role but effective. Abhay Deol and Madhavan, completed wasted by Anand L. Rai.
All in all Zero must be watched for its first half but without expecting it to be a full paisa vasool film.

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